How Curating Social Media helps Job Seekers

Socia Media curation helps job seekers to find their dream job. Social Media presence helps campanies to reqruit the best matching talent.

Challenges In Resource Outsourcing

if you are looking for the best human resource outsourcing service for your company, you need to keep certain challenges in mind too. This is crucial to find the right service for you.

Why temporary staffing is important for the future | Technoraft

Temporary Staffing: Is It the Future? Looking at the current situations, it is likely that the culture of temporary staffing in India will only grow.

How to select a staffing company for your business |Technoraft

Follow these tips so you can minimize the risk involved when choosing your staffing agency, whilst maximizing your chance of success.

Benefits of Payroll In The Time of Covid 19 Pandemic

Check this out to learn more Benefits of payroll in the time of Covid 19 pandemic:Malayaj Solution, Technoraft

How Disability Enabled Website Can Create A New Generation

Visually impaired people make use of screen readers and magnifying features to surf online. But that does not mean, the duty of websites finishes here. Websites need to be modified accordingly so that screen readers can read all important text aloud for blind people.

How Sezzle Can Help You Shop Anything and Everything

Sezzle is an amazing payment solution that allows you to shop anything.

Tips for Making Website Disability Friendly

Malayaj Solution helps to make your website accessible for people with disabilities. It makes sense for business Optimize website for visually impaired people with these tips.